This LIST OF THE BEST SAN DIEGO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS will make it easy for you to find your ideal photographer for your wedding day.

This list has been put together with several factors in mind. The most important being the quality of work and professional standards. The next factor is artistic style and approach to capturing a wedding day. Each artist on this list creates exceptional wedding photography and has a unique creative style.

Every photographer on this list has 5+ years of experience as a WEDDING PROFESSIONAL and is passionate about their art and exceeding your expectations.


Brant Bender

Classic and Stunning Wedding Photography

Photographer: Brant Bender
Company Name: Brant Bender Photography | 858-218-4082 | contact by email

Brant Bender began as a photojournalist with United Press International and Poway Chieftain, trained to anticipate the next move and act swiftly to capture the most critical moments of an event. But as Brant’s photography career progressed, he found his true passion in capturing the love and excitement of weddings. Since 1999 he’s been focused on just that: creating stunning images that families will cherish for generations. Not only does he have an artful eye for composing beautiful classic photographs, with attention to the tiniest details, but he has a true talent for editing and enhancing wedding images to bring out the colors, emotions, and special touches that give your day its unique flair.



Crisp and Colorful Wedding Photography

Photographer: Eder Escamilla
Company Name: Eder Photo | 619-549-6171 | contact by email

Eder has been photographing weddings since 2007. His award-winning work has been described as bold, bright and modern because of the crisp and colorful look of the images. He has a versatile style of photography that mixes soft natural light as well as dramatically lit portraits using sunlight and flash photography. While making sure to be there for all of the important wedding day moments, his approach is to be as unobtrusive as possible. His couples have described him as a ninja because he is everywhere but hardly noticed.



Garrett Richardson

Timeless and Authentic Wedding Photography

Photographer: Garrett Richardson
Company Name: Garrett Richardson Photography | 619-800-0559 | contact by email

Garrett is a professional wedding and portrait photographer. For him, photography is about connection and deep-rooted relationship, told from a timeless, candid and authentic approach. It’s those natural, unplanned moments that become the stories we love to tell and photography is how he loves to keep those stories alive. Each client receives a uniquely tailored experience that is personal and pays close attention to the details, big or small, of every shoot. He has been featured in The Knot Magazine, Brides, Grey Likes, Exquisite Magazine, Once Wed, Darling Magazine, and Wedding Chicks just to name a few.


Sarah Zimmer Photography

Playful and Sentimental Candid Wedding Photography

Photographer: Sarah Zimmer
Company Name: Sarah Zimmer Photography | 858-412-0964 | contact by email

With over 10yrs of experience in the industry, Sarah is very proud of her diverse resume. Her portfolio includes gorgeous local and destination weddings, lifestyle sessions, and high profile celebrity New Year’s Eve coverage. Her favorite weddings were in Hawaii, New York, and Napa Valley. Her most memorable subjects were Demi Lovato, Jenny McCarthy, and Ryan Seacrest. In addition to these exciting shoots, Sarah’s work has been featured in Wedding Flowers, by Karen Tran, Ceremony Magazine, San Diego Style Weddings Magazine, and With her busy schedule, she still has her core values close to her heart. Sarah advocates that getting out of our comfort zone is when we learn the most about ourselves. Sarah also believes in not missing an opportunity to pamper herself and that luxury is best enjoyed after a long trip. Sometimes for Sarah, luxury means a stop at her local doughnut shop, VG’s, for a warm treat. Other times, she prefers the company of a dog she just met at her favorite market. No matter where in the world she is, Sarah Zimmer embraces opportunities and later captures them in a quick photo.